I  deeply value my family, community, and the oneness of humanity.  As a licensed therapist, I approach my work by holding a non-judgmental and heart-centered space for my clients. I recognize taking the first step into the therapeutic process for you or your child is often the hardest. My hope is to support you and assist you with the tools to begin and sustain your healing  journey. 

My approach to achieving meaningful change is to apply body-brain based therapies. I specialize in working with children, teens and their parents, but enjoy working with all ages. My passion is to help people reconnect with their true selves and discover their innate goodness.
I have advanced training in EMDR for preverbal trauma, addiction, cancer and pain related issues. I am an EMDR Parent-Child & Attachment Specialist and an EMDR Sandtray Specialist. I utilize other somatic modalities such as Somatic Experiencing and I am certified in Brainspotting. I completed a Post Graduate Residency Program in Dialectal  Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and  Mindfulness for adolescents and adults.

About Tahirih

I believe everyone has the innate capacity to heal, no matter what they have experienced-whether it's growing up in an invalidating environment, experienced neglect and abuse or have suffered through life threatening events. Most people learn to "cope" by emotionally numbing and for some it means to be "busy," abuse a substance, or even self-harm actions. No matter what, everyone is capable of transformation. 
I am passionate about the need to depathologize grief; that is, grief is a natural response to loosing someone you love and care about. This is especially true for an untimely death of a child or loved one, that may cause trauma symptoms. The bereaved have a natural reaction to an unnatural event. I am Certified in the Compassionate Bereavement Care Model: a mindfulness-based, non-medicalized approach to traumatic grief.
I have experience working with children and parents, treating a variety of issues, such as, behavior issues, stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse,  chronic impulsivity and trauma.
I received my Master of Social Work from Arizona State University and I am licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. My past experience includes: mental health services for children and adults with cancer and blood disorders, inpatient psychiatric stabilization, facilitated Social/Emotional Programs at K-8 schools, and parent coaching using the Nurtured Heart Approach.
I love learning and furthering my skills to better assist those I work with to heal and thrive. When I'm not working, I enjoy gardening, traveling, dancing, and cooking. But most of all, I cherish spending time with those closest to me, especially my children, who have been my greatest teachers. 

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Tahirih Herrera, LCSW

Phone: 480.478.0055

Address: 301 E. Bethany Home Rd Ste A-207,  Phoenix, 85012

Email: info@tahirihherrera.com

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