Transform the pain
Tahirih Herrera, LCSW

I help kids and teens and their families who have had hard things happen in their lives. Sometimes it was death, divorce, an assault, medical procedure, being treated like an 'other,' or being the only kid of color.


My clients struggle just like you do. Despite being hard-working, dedicated, and caring, life is hard.


They watch their kids act out, have tantrums and struggle with social connections at school.


They watch their teens isolate and pull away from them and their family. They feel powerless. Then the calls from the school start...


They worry that their child/teen doesn’t have coping skills to help them navigate their world and they want them to heal from the loss and trauma. It gets in the way of the life they want.  They just want to get their child back.


Before they came to see me, they wonder if therapy would actually help because they’ve tried play and “talk therapy.” They worried about having enough time between after school activities and were pretty certain their child or teen would be resistant.

Like my clients, you and your child deserve healing and connection.


Coping and communication skills are not out of your child’s reach. 


If you want your child to start thriving, I’d love to get you there.


Call now. You don’t have to suffer. I can help.

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