Transform the pain
Tahirih Herrera, LCSW

I help kids and teens and their families who have had hard things happen in their lives. Sometimes it was the untimely death of a loved one, divorce, parental addiction, coping with medical illness, being treated like an 'other,' or being the only kid of color.


My clients struggle just like your child or teen does. Despite being smart, creative and caring, life is hard.


They often experience unexplained headaches, stomach pain and trouble sleeping.


They avoid spending time with their parents They isolate and are withdrawn.

They worry they’re not good enough not matter how hard they try. They want to feel confident.  

They’re calm one minute and not the next. They can go zero to a hundred in a flash.  They try to manage, but after so many failed attempts, they often feel poorly about themselves. Attempts to help only seems to make it worse.


Before they came to see me, they wondered if something was “wrong” with them and wondered if therapy could actually help. They’ve tried play and “talk therapy,” but it didn’t help. They also worried about having juggling school and extra curricular activities.

Like my clients, your child deserves to heal at the root, learn coping skills, and feel good about their selves.


Confidence, happiness and success are not out of your child’s reach. 


If you want your child to start thriving, I’d love to get your child there.


Call now. Your child and family don’t have to suffer. I can help.

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